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Build Instructions

This project is based on CMake. Simply generate project, Makefiles, etc. using CMake and compile the project with a compiler of your choice that supports C++11. The code was tested with the following configurations:

  • Windows 10 64-bit, CMake 3.18.3, Visual Studio 2019
  • Debian 11.5 64-bit, CMake 3.18.4, GCC 10.2.1.

Note: Please use a 64-bit target on a 64-bit operating system. 32-bit builds on a 64-bit OS are not supported.

Python Installation Instruction

For Windows and Linux targets there exists prebuilt python wheel files which can be installed using

pip install pysplishsplash

These are available for Python versions 3.6-3.10. See also here: pySPlisHSPlasH. If you do not meet these conditions please refer to the build instructions and to the python binding Getting started guide.

The command line simulator is available by running one of the following

splash --help