SPlisHSPlasH is an open-source library for the physically-based simulation of fluids and solids. The simulation in this library is based on the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method which is a popular meshless Lagrangian approach to simulate complex fluid effects. The SPH formalism allows an efficient computation of a certain quantity of a fluid particle by considering only a finite set of neighboring particles. One of the most important research topics in the field of SPH methods is the simulation of incompressible fluids. SPlisHSPlasH implements current state-of-the-art pressure solvers (WCSPH, PCISPH, PBF, IISPH, DFSPH, PF) to simulate incompressibility. Moreover, the library provides different methods to simulate viscosity, surface tension, vorticity, elasticity, and drag forces.

SPlisHSPlasH can export the particle data in the partio and vtk format. If you want to import partio files in Maya or Blender, try out our plugins:

A surface reconstruction of the particle data can be performed by:

SPlisHSPlasH uses the following external libraries: Eigen, json, partio, zlib, cxxopts, tinyexpr, toojpeg, pybind, glfw, hapPLY, nfd, and imgui. All external dependencies are included.

Furthermore we use our own libraries:

Author: Jan Bender


The SPlisHSPlasH library code is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

External dependencies are covered by separate licensing terms. See the extern folder for the code and respective licensing terms of each dependency.